Kamalame - Peaked Double Breasted Jacket Style

Our Kamalame peaked double-breasted jacket features a 6-button front, wide peaked lapels and patch pockets. This jacket is deconstructed and half-canvassed. This provides the best of both worlds, the canvas gives the jacket structure while being half canvassed, it allows movement and ability the breathe. The deconstructed nature of the jacket also allows for it to wear naturally, without excessive stiffness and structure. We also use what we call a half-wrap. This means that this double-breasted jacket is more open and has less material around you when you button it, making it much easier to wear. It’s a new-world take on an old-world jacket, making it much more relaxed and comfortable to wear in warm weather, but with all the masculinity and elegance you expect of a double-breasted jacket.

All of our jackets also have a natural shoulder without any shoulder padding. This is a jacket style originating in Southern Italy, where they deconstructed the traditional English jackets. It has been perfected by Casa de Novelas in Miami.

Additional Details

  • Patent Pending Novela Chest Pocket. This allows for you to place your glasses, pen or accessory in the V shaped front pocket without disturbing anything in your chest pocket, such as a pocket square. It’s a unique detail you won’t find anywhere else, and it is patent pending by Casa de Novelas.
  • Lapel opening on both sides, with hand-sewn boutonniere latch on the backside.
  • Half-moon stitching on the pockets.
  • Pick Stitching and Columbia stitching throughout the jacket.
  • Patch waist pockets.
  • Ticket pocket.
  • Barchatta “boat shaped” chest pocket.
  • Functional cuff button holes with the first cuff opening larger than the rest.
  • Double side vents.
  • And many other details you will discover and experience as an owner of our fine blazers.