3rd Street S - Notched Lapel Jacket Style

Our 3rd Street S-jacket is an extremely deconstructed, light jacket. Its fits like a shirt, hence our name S-Jacket, but allows you to make any look more elegant with the style of a blazer.  

The idea with the S-Jacket was to have a simple jacket, without structure or excessive construction that could travel easily and still give you that perfect elegant look. It features a fitted, Italian cut like our other jackets, but without any canvassing or lining of any kind. The jacket has a wide notched lapels, 2 ½ button roll opening, and patch hip pockets. Like all of our other jackets, the S-Jacket has a natural shoulder, without any shoulder padding.

Additional Details

  • Patent Pending Novela Chest Pocket. This allows for you to place your glasses, pen or accessory in the V shaped front pocket without disturbing anything in your chest pocket, such as a pocket square. It’s a unique detail you won’t find anywhere else, and it is patent pending by Casa de Novelas.
  • Barchatta “boat shaped” chest welted pocket.
  • Functional cuff button holes with the first cuff opening larger than the rest.
  • Double side vents.
  • Patch waist pockets.