Guabello Fabric Mill

Since 1815 the Guabello fabric mill has been located in Biella Italy, where the finest fabrics in Italy are woven. The areas abundant water made this an ideal place to process Wool and other natural fibers. Guabello is known of its very fine wools and wool blends.

Currently, we are using very fine Wool/Silk and Wool/Linen/Silk blends from Guabello to make some of our finest jackets. Wool and Silk blends make a very fine fabric, with the breathability and drape of wool, but with the elegance that come from Silk. These are larger fiber weaves that are very versatile and breathable, but with a bit of texture to make things interesting.

Additionally we are using a Wool/Linen/Silk blend which has the appearance of denim. This fabric has the drape and comfort of Wool, the breathability and lightness of Linen and the elegance of Silk, but woven in a fabric that at first glance appears to be denim. It’s an extremely indulgent and decadent jacket, for the most discerning of taste.