Doing Good

Daniel Novela is a significant supporter of the arts and culture institution in Miami (Novela has co-chaired Miami museum fundraisers and cultural institutions, including the Perez Art Museum Gala and its annual Corporate Luncheon and currently serves on the Board of Locust Projects and the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council). Therefore, it should come as no surprise that any business founded by Novela has an important community component. Community involvement is at the backbone of any city which aspires to be great.  Casa de Novelas has therefore partnered with the Miami based charity Style Saves, and will contribute one blazer to a child in need for every blazer’s sold on this web site. Our promise is not some vague statement of assistance, but a tangible promised measured by every blazer we sell.

“We believe that communities are made not by a large gift of one, but by little generous acts of many."