About Us


Inspired by Travel

We are Casa de Novelas, and this is our story. A novela is a short story and Casa de Novelas literally means “house of stories.” We believe life is a house of stories and our brand was founded to design products inspired by our founder’s love of travel, art, design and by all of his life’s little “novelas.” Where did our story begin? It all started before our founder was born. You see, the Novela family were supporters and patrons of the arts in Havana Cuba and always had design and style as part of their heritage, with many prominent architects and artists in the family, including Cuban abstract painter Augustin Fernandez (he’s the little boy in the picture). Design is in our genes. The Novela family immigrated to the United States after the Cuban communist revolution, and in the 1990s, a nineteen year old Daniel Novela decided to explore his families’ Italian heritage (the name Novela originates in Italy) by spending one year of college studying art and design in Florence, Italy. His time in Florence grew his love for art, travel, Italian craftsmanship, and a life well lived. Years of travel to hot and humid locations such as Havana, Ibiza, Capri, St. Bart’s and Miami Beach identified a need; a light, but well-tailored jacket, suitable for travel without all of the excessive construction and bulk of a traditional blazer. Appropriate with jeans or slacks, the Casa de Novelas blazer provides the best of both worlds; it’s deconstructed, yet half-canvased to give the jacket structure while allowing movement and ability to breathe, keeping you cool even in hot weather. It’s a new-world take on the old-world blazer.

The Novela Family in Havana Cuba, 1930's

Fueled with Love

We design men’s blazers and accessories that are beautifully, 100% Made in Italy. Not one item in your Casa de Novelas blazer or accessory originates outside of Italy. From the fabric, to the buttons, even the labels, all 100% Italian. Daniel Novela has spent years selecting the best Italian fabrics, buttons, accessories, and finding the best craftsmen, culminating in the perfect blazer. Each and every Casa de Novelas product is the result of years of our love, passion and energy, to which every detail has been exhaustively considered and reconsidered until it’s delivered to you.

Quality Control in Italy.

Daniel Novela and family at one of our production facilities in Italy.

Pad stitching on a Casa de Novelas blazer.

Handcrafted by Artisans

All of our products are designed at the Casa de Novelas’ studio in Miami Beach. Those designs are then discussed at length with our partners in Italy, where they are each meticulously handcrafted by artisans at our various workshops.

Why Made in Italy?

Why Made in Italy? Because for menswear there simply is no other place on earth with as great a combination of artisanal craftsmanship and passionate attention to detail, as Italy. Daniel Novela attended college in Italy while completing his undergraduate studies. One of Novela’s first memories as a student in Florence was sitting, watching Italian men and women going to work, each one in impeccably tailored clothes. This gestated an appreciation and love for Italian craftsmanship that would remain for a lifetime. Years later, when Daniel launched Casa de Novelas, he knew that Italy was the only place to handcraft his designs.